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  • There are two prize levels: 50 points and 100 points.
  • Once you reach a point level eligible for a prize, you have a choice: you can claim the prize for that point level and go back to zero points, or you can choose to continue to the next point level where the prize is better.
  • For the 50 point level, 50 tennis shirts, worth approximately $50 each.
  • For the 100 point level, 20 tennis racquets (stringing included), total, worth approximate $250 each.

Prizes must be earned within the specific season of competition. Once prizes run out for a point level (i.e., they are all claimed), nobody can earn a prize at that point level any more. However, if all the 50-point prizes have been taken and then there is a first time, 50-point winner in a division, that first time winner will receive a 50-point prize (i.e., a shirt). This latter exception applies only to the 50-point level.