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  1. You arrange your own matches by calling up a person in your age group and skill level. You mutually agree on where and when you play.
  2. There is no requirement to accept a request to play, or to play matches by a certain time.
  3. Matches are two out of three sets, with each set first to five games (not six, win by one, not two). A super (10-Point) tiebreaker is played as a third set.
  4. Regular game scoring will be used.
  5. Each player brings a new can of balls to the court that is appropriate for that court; a new can is opened for each set, with the second set can of balls used for the third set tiebreaker.
  6. Warm up should be about 10 minutes.
  7. The winner posts the score on the website within the same day the match is played.
  8. Prizes are on first come first serve basis.


  1. Age groups are: under 16, under 18, Open / 45-59 / 60+ (age is determined by calendar year).
  2. There will be women's and men's divisions for each age category.
  3. You have to be at least 14 years old to participate in Smart Tennis.


  1. Participants are expected to be polite to each other.
  2. Participants are expected to shake hands after the match is over.
  3. Participants are expected to call the balls fairly.
  4. Participants are expected to show up at agreed upon times within 10 minutes. If the opponent has not called the Participant within this time period to explain the delay, the match will be called after 20 minutes, unless the participants agree to a delay.
  5. Abuse of the Code of Ethics can lead to loss of points and/or immediate termination of membership.


  1. For 45's and 60's you can only ask to play someone in your age group or younger (obviously, it is up to you whether to accept an older player's invitation to play).
  2. For 16 and under, and 18 and under, it is reversed. You can only ask players who are older than you (with the same rules as above).
  3. You may not play the same player again for points unless you play three other players for points in between.
  4. You receive 10 points for each singles win.


  1. Your email is your ID
  2. You must post a recent picture on the website under your account.
  3. It is a $35 entry fee to participate. This is for each season
  4. Each new season you begin with zero points.


An Oversight Committee will have power to resolve disputes in the fairest way that they, in their own way, see fit. The committee will provide as much due process as possible. The Oversight Committee members can be replaced. When you sign up, you agree to abide by the rulings of the Oversight Committee.